Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to The Joyful Table's newest venture--a blog!

The Joyful Table is a business that was formed in June of 2016.  We are passionate about joy and celebration and community and food!  So that is what you will be able to find on this blog in the coming weeks.

We are at various events around the community with macarons and other desserts, so keep an eye out for where we might pop up next! 

While The Joyful Table isn't a physical storefront yet, we encourage you to create our recipes, share our joy, and find a group of people that you can impact with some of our ideas for gatherings and large meals.

I believe joy can be found in every situation eventually.  I don't want to minimize pain or hard times or anything like that.  But I just believe that there is more joy and hope in this world than we realize sometimes.  I'll get to more stories about that later. :)

Keep an eye out for new posts about food, community, and joy!