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Sunday Lunch: Super Bowls

Laurel BockaComment
Sunday Lunch: Super Bowls

Every Sunday, we have a lunch at our house.

Some weeks there are just a handful of people, and other weeks, we are all crammed around all the tables.  We have a big meal and lots of people bring extra food and if that still isn't enough, we are close enough to a grocery store that someone can drive there, pick up some more food, and get back without missing too much of the fun!

We don't use our fanciest dishes and it is sometimes chaotic, but there is something so special about regularly sharing a meal with your friends!

This started at the beginning of 2016 because there was a group of us who wanted to eat healthier, so we were going to do it together.  And that has since morphed in to a weekly party/gathering/meal/encouragement time.  It is one of my favorite parts of the week!

Since my family makes the main dish, we like to switch it up a lot and try new foods, make it able to be customized, and we have to make a lot!  So this past week we had our spin on Quiona Bowls!

We set up a salad bar type ordeal with all sorts of toppings and 3 different sauces to choose from.

We started with 3 options for a base:
Quinoa, brown rice, and riced cauliflower

Next was the protein:
Ground beef, shredded chicken, and tempeh

Then the veggies:
Roasted broccoli and cauliflower, black olives, corn, black beans, squash, chopped peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrots, and green onions

And to finish it off, 3 sauces to choose from:
Tzatziki, salsa, and Thai peanut sauce

The hardest part of this work was probably getting everything to be heated at the same time!  We used some bags of frozen vegetables and rice to speed the process and we had the slow cooker for the chicken.  This was a super simple and quick way to prepare a meal that is individualized for each person that went through the line!

(In case you were wondering, my bowl had quinoa, broccoli, cauliflower, ground beef, black olives, black beans, corn, and tzatziki sauce!)

What else should we have added to our quinoa bar line?  Let us know in the comments!